Peace of mind

You like the idea of mining your own crypto currencies, but don’t have the knowledge, time or space at home to do it yourself. With Mining4us you don’t have to. We do it for you. When you buy the mining as a service there is also no heat, no noise, no hardware maintenance, no electricity bills and no insurance costs for you.


Switch between currencies

You love cryptocurrency but don’t want to be stuck contractually to one coin which is not profitable anymore? Well, you don’t have to. Mining4us allows you to switch mining between currencies as often as you want. Switching and our platform easy to use, even for people without knowledge about cryptocurrencies. If you ever have invested before, like in oil, gas, retirement funds, property or stocks, you will love it. It is not just mining. It is also investing: analyse currencies and make the right decisions at the right time.



Low initial investment

Setup fee is much lower than our competition. Further you may choose to cover your monthly payments from what you have mined or decide to keep it as investment for future. If the market goes down you can suspend your contract up to 6 months and return when it recovers.


Regular payouts directly to your exchange

The bigger is better. Yes, the bigger the plan/mining power the more frequent the payout to your wallet or exchange. With as low as 0.2 XMR, 0.2 ETH, 10ETN and 5 SUMO payout threshold you can receive your coins even daily. You can start small, and upgrade your plan when you are convinced of our service. Transparency is one of our principles.


State of the art Mining Management Platform

Once you join Mining4us, you will get access to our mining management platform (MMP). It's a one stop shop for your everyday’s mining management information and control. It gives a clear and user friendly presentation of your past, current and future (projected) mining revenue.

Our next steps to make mining more fun for you


  • Quality and security tests 1 Feb 2018
    Providing the best possible user experience, while ensuring security, such as two factor authentication for all user access.
  • Launch date! 1 March 2018
    First customers gain access to the mining service platform and we will enable switching between mineable coins!
  • More coins available 15 April 2018
    Ethereum Classic, Dash, SumoKoin, and many more added to the mining platform
  • Crypto payments 28 April 2018
    Enabling crypto payments for all our plans.
  • New services July 2018
    New exciting services are coming. We will share more details on Facebook and Twitter closer to the release date!
  • New coins Aug 2018
    Surveying our customers and adding the three most wanted coins to our offering.
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