Why We Exist

Crypto mining has been the privilege and main playground of techies and nerds for years leaving others in the dust. This is because many don’t have the knowledge, the equipment or the space to mine themselves or simply because don’t support crypto mining due to the environmental impact. Others don’t want to bear the risk (anymore) of having their own mining rig at home with the noise and heat. Some have joined the adventure via mining providers, but are stuck with a fixed term contract mining a non-profitable cryptocurrency for months or even for years.

All of these triggered early 2017 the founders to think about how to make crypto mining accessible for everyone, with no impact on environment and as flexible as possible. This is when Mining4us was born to provide Mining as a Service for all of us! Now everyone can benefit from mining without having to go through all the trouble, be able to change their contract and be sure it is carbon neutral.

Who We Are

We are crypto enthusiasts that have been in crypto mining and blockchain technology since the early days when these were just distributed security systems. The team is now focusing on applications of block chain technology and cryptocurrency, enabling the wider public to benefit from this new crypto era while being environmentally sustainable. Being a New Zealand registered company we are benefiting from the 85% of the electricity that is generated from renewable sources.

Michal Blajerski, CEO

Michal is a seasoned startup veteran with almost two decades of experience in helping organisations with innovative information security and privacy solutions. As a true believer in the new crypto economy he is committed to advocating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. When he isn’t trying to save the world economy with his mining4us team, Michal enjoys cycling, running, fishing, hiking and obviously mining. Linkedin profile.